Belial and the Son’s of Darkness – Personified as the Devil

Belial and the sons of Darkness. Belial, is a term occurring in the Hebrew Bible which later became personified as the devil. “Belial” is applied to ideas, words, and counsel, to calamitous circumstances, and most frequently, to worthless men of the lowest sort, such as men who would induce worship of other gods; those of Benjamin, the wicked sons of Eli, insolent Nabal, opposers of God’s anointed, David, Rehoboam’s unsteady associates, Jezebel’s conspirators against Naboth, and men in general who stir up contention. Indicating that the enemy power would no longer interfere with the carrying out of true worship by his people in their land, Yahweh declared through his prophet: “No more will any worthless person pass again through you. In his entirety he will certainly be cut off.” The term belial appears frequently in Jewish texts of the Second Temple period (texts classified by Christians as the Old Testament pseudepigrapha and apocrypha) also a large number of references to Belial are evidenced in the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered at Qumran from 1948. In The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, one of the Dead Sea scrolls, Belial is the leader of the Sons of Darkness:
“You made Belial for the pit, angel of enmity; in darkness is his domain, his counsel is to bring about wickedness and guilt. All the spirits of his lot are angels of destruction, they walk in the laws of darkness; towards it goes their only desire.” Please watch the video for more information, there are many Fallen Angel documentaries which can be found at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY here on Youtube.

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