DEAD SEA SCROLLS – Son’s of Light Against the Son’s of Darkness

The War of the Sons of Light, Against the Sons of Darkness, also known as War Rule, Rule of War and the War Scroll, is a manual for military organisation and strategy that was discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls. The manuscript was among the scrolls found in Qumran Cave 1, The document is made up of various scrolls and fragments including 1QM, and 4Q491-497. It is possible that The War of the Messiah is the conclusion to this document. The 4Q491-497 fragments were published by Baillet in Discoveries in the Judaean Desert, and comprise a shorter recension of the War Scroll. Thematically, it seems to be inspired by Zoroastrian texts. Scholars have been unable to determine the exact author of the text. The unity and cohesiveness of the manuscript leads people, such as Jean Carmignac and Yigael Yadin, to believe that it was written or compiled by a single writer. Most scholars believe, at this point, that it is a composite document, copied from many source documents by one scribe. These scrolls contain an apocalyptic prophecy of a war between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. The war is described in two distinct parts, the first (the War against the Kittim) described as a battle between the Sons of Light, consisting of the sons of Levi, the sons of Judah, the sons of Benjamin, and the exiled of the desert, against Edom, Moab, the sons of Ammon, the Amalekites, and Philistia and their allies, the Kittim of Asshur (referred to collectively as the armyy-B1408-
The_Phillip_Medhurst_Picture_Torah_171._Simeon_and_Levi_slay_Hamor_and_Shechem._Genesis_Hoet-cca by sa 3.0- of Belial)
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