Caesar and the Celtic gods – Apollo the Sun god “Shining One”

Caesar and the Celtic divinities, the Sun god Many local gods were identified with Apollo, both in his capacity of god of healing, and also that of god of light. The two functions are not incompatible, and this is suggested by the name Grannos, god of thermal springs both in Britain and on the Continent. The name is connected with a root which gives words meaning “burning,” “shining,” etc. and from which comes also Irish grian, “sun” The god is still remembered in a chant sung round bonfires in Auvergne. A sheaf of corn is set on fire, and called “Granno mio,” while the people sing, “Granno, my friend; Granno, my father; Granno, my mother.” Another god of thermal springs was Borvo, Bormo, or Bormanus, whose name is derived from borvo, hence Welsh berw, “boiling,” and is evidently connected with the bubbling of the springs. Votive tablets inscribed Grannos or Borvo show that the offerers desired healing for themselves or others. The name Belenos found over a wide area, but mainly in Aquileia, comes from belo-s, bright, and probably means “the shining one.” It is thus the name of a Celtic sun-god, equated with Apollo in that character. Caesar and his Celtic Divinities part 1 is on Mercury, for more information on Caesar and the Celts please watch the video or visit the channel for the ancient myths and legends here at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY.

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