Fallen Angels – Sariel “Prince of God”

The Fallen Watcher Angel Sariel “Prince of God” “God’s Prince” is an angel, mainly from Judaic tradition. Other possible versions of his name are displayed Suriel, Suriyel (in some Dead Sea Scrolls translations), Seriel, Sauriel, Saraqael, Sarakiel, Suruel, Surufel and Sourial. In 1 Enoch, there is a fallen Watcher named Säraquyael and Säräqael one of the seven holy angels who is “of eternity and trembling” In Kabbalistic lore, he is one of seven angels of the earth. Origen identified Sariel as one of seven angels who are primordial powers. In Gnosticism, Sariel is invoked for his protective powers. He is commemorated in the calendar of the Coptic Orthodox Church on 27 Tobi in Coptic calendar. According to the Book of Enoch Sariel, was one of the leaders of angels who lusted after the daughters of men. They descended to the summit of Mount Hermon, in the days of Jared, to acquire wives and lead men astray. Sariel specifically taught men about the course of the moon. Knibbs’ translation of the names of the Book of Enoch says, it was Sariel who taught humans the “course of the moon” (the Lunar Calendar). His name is also listed as Arazyal and Asaradel in some 1 Enoch translations, the name being a combination of sa’ar and ‘God. In this same book, Saraqael (communicants of God) is one of the holy angels, who watch over the spirits that sin in the spirit, Suryal is one of the angels who look upon the bloodshed on Earth, along with Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. Please watch the video for more information on the Archangels, Angels, Giants and Demons here at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY on Youtube.

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1200px-Thor_Destroys_the_Giant_Thrym-Public domain-
Bowl_with_incantation_for_Buktuya_and_household,_Mandean_in_Mandaic_language_and_script,_Southern_Mesopotamia,_c._200-600_AD_-_Royal_Ontario_Museum_-_DSC09714-public domain-
Paradise_Lost_7-united states public domain tag-
Paradise_Lost_14-fallen angels-united states public domain tag-
Ricci,_Sebastiano_-_The_Fall_of_the_Rebel_Angels_-_Google_Art_Project-public domain-
thomas cole-antediluvian world-public domain-
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Fallen Angel-Intro-by-ANCIENT MYSTERY-
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