Giant god – Glooscap – Giants mythology

Glooscap s a legendary figure of the Wabanaki peoples native peoples located in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Atlantic Canada. The stories were first record by Silas Tertius Rand and then by Charles Godfrey Leland in the 19th century. In his role as creator, Glooscap is similar to that of the Ojibwa Nanabozho and the Cree Wisakedjak. His name, Kloskabe, means “Man who came from nothing” or literally, “Man created from only speech” Sounds familiar, does it not. There are variations to the legend of Glooscap as each tribe of the Wabanaki adopted the legend to their own region. At the same time, there are consistencies in the legend with Glooscap always portrayed as “kind, benevolent, a warrior against evil and the possessor of magical powers” The Abenaki people believe that after Tabaldak created humans, the dust from his body created Glooscap and his twin brother, Malsumis. He gave Glooscap the power to create a good world. Malsumis, on the other hand, is the opposite, and seeks evil to this day. Glooscap learned that hunters who kill too much would destroy the ecosystem and the good world he had sought to create. There are many other legends and myths of Giants all around the world which all have a “similar” story line. The Giants were builders of the Megalithic monuments that we still can’t build ourselves. Many can be can be found here at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY.

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