Giants – Quinametzin – Aztec mythology

The Aztec Quinametzin Giants. In Aztec mythology, the Quinametzin Giants populated the world during the previous era of the Sun of Rain (Nahui-Quiahuitl). SUPPORT THE CHANNEL
A Quinametzin stands more than 10 feet tall and weighs about 650 pounds. They were punished by the gods because they did not venerate them, and their peak-civilization came to an end as a result of great calamities and as a punishment from the heavens for grave sins they had committed. The construction of the pyramid of Cholula and the City of Teotihuacan (The Place Where Men Become Gods) was attributed to the Quinametzin Giants. The names of the Giants: Cuauhtemoc, Izcoalt, Izcaqlli, Tenexuche, were the four giants who supported the sky at the beginning of the Fifth Sun. Tenoch, a giant founder of Tenochtitlan. Ulmecatl, a giant founder of Cuetlachcoapan, Tontonihuacan, Huitzilapan. Mixtecatl, a giant founder of Mixteca. Xicalancatl, a giant founder of Xicallancatl. Otomitl, a giant founder of Xilotepec, Tollan, Otompan. Xelhua is one of the seven giants in Aztec mythology who escaped the flood by ascending the mountain of Tlaloc in the terrestrial paradise, and afterwards built the Great Pyramid of Cholula. A Dominican monk wrote this account: You’ll have to watch the video for more information on the Ancient Giants who are known by many names in many cultures i.e Quinametzin, Nephilim, Anakim etc. Please visit the channel for much more from the world of the Giants mythology here at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY on Youtube.

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cholula pyramid-106347_960_720-cco-
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The_Conquest_of_Tenochtitlan-United States public domain tag-
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Quinametzin Giants-intro-by-ANCIENT MYSTERY-
Maya-Pyramid-by-ANCIENT MYSTERY.

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