God of War – Anhur – Egyptian Mythology

God of war, Anhur from ancient Egyptian mythology, was originally a god of war who was worshipped in the Egyptian area of Abydos, and particularly in Thinis. Myths told that he had brought his wife, Mehit, who was his female counterpart, from Nubia, and his name reflects this, it means (one who) leads back the distant one. One of his titles was Slayer of Enemies. Anhur was depicted as a bearded man wearing a robe and a headdress with four feathers, holding a spear or lance, or occasionally as a lion-headed god (representing strength and power) and also a symbol of the Archons I remind you, this is Thoth in his role as Anhur…many names, many faces. In some depictions, the robe was more similar to a kilt. There is an Egyptian Pharaoh buried in Scotland, food for thought. Due to his position as a war god, he was patron of the ancient Egyptian army, and the personification of royal warriors. Indeed, at festivals honoring him, mock battles were staged. During the Roman era the Emperor Tiberius was depicted on the walls of Egyptian temples wearing the distinctive four-plumed crown of Anhur. The Greeks equated Anhur to their god of war, Ares.In the legend of Olympian gods fleeing from Typhon and taking animal form in Egypt, Ares was said to have taken the form of a fish as Lepidotus or Onuris. Anhur’s name also could mean Sky Bearer and, due to the shared headdress, Anhur was later identified with Shu, becoming Anhur-Shu. He is the son of Ra and brother of Tefnut if identified as Shu. Anhur is also spelled Onuris, Onouris, An-Her, Anhuret, Han-Her, Inhert. Please watch the video or visit the channel for more information on the Egyptian gods among many others here at mythology explored by ancient mystery on Youtube.

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