The Seven Archons

The Mysterious Seven Archons. The N. T. several times mentions the “prince of the devils”, or “of the world,” or “of the power of the air;”. In Leviticus (LXX. 20:5) represents, or rather translates, Molech. The true biblical source of the usage however is Daniel 10:13-21 (six times Theodotion; once indistinctly LXX.), where the archon “prince” A. V. is the patron angel of a nation, Persia, Greece, or Israel; a name (Michael) being given in the last case only.

The Book of Enoch (vi. 3, 7; viii. 1) names 20 “archons of the” 200 “watcher” angels who sinned with the “daughters of men,” as appears from one of the Greek fragments. The title is not indeed used absolutely, except perhaps once, where the Ethiopic has no corresponding words: but it has evidently almost become a true name, and may account for St. Jude’s peculiar use of (Jude 1:6).

Christians soon followed the Jewish precedent. In the 2nd century the term appears in several writers alien to Gnosticism. The Epistle to Diognetus speaks of God sending to men “a minister or angel or archon,” etc. Justin (Dial. 36) understands the command in Psalms 24:7-9 to open the heavenly gates as addressed to “the archons appointed by God in the heavens.” The first spurious set of Ignatian epistles enumerates “the heavenly beings and the glory of the angels and the archons visible and invisible” (Ad Smyrn. 6), and again “the heavenly beings and the angelic collocations and the archontic constitutions” (i. e. order of provinces and of functions), “things both visible and invisible” (Ad Trall. 5); the meaning being lost by the time of the interpolator, who in one case drops the word out, and in the other gives it a political sense. The Clementine Homilies adopt and extend xi. 10, the N. T. usage; and further call the two good and evil (“right and left”) “powers,” which control the destiny of each man, “rulers” (archons, vii. 3), though more commonly “leaders” Please watch the video for more information on the Seven Archons and visit the channel page for more from the ancient world of mythology and Fallen Angels here at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY here on Youtube.

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