Reptilian gods – Ogdoad – Egyptian mythology

The Ogdoad, known as “the eightfold” were eight primordial deities worshipped in Hermopolis in Egyptian mythology. References to the gods date to the Old Kingdom, and even at the time of composition of the Pyramid Texts towards the end of the Old Kingdom period they appear to have been antiquated and mostly forgotten by everyone except religious experts. They are frequently mentioned in the Coffin Texts of the Middle Kingdom. The oldest known pictorial representations of the group do not predate the time of Seti the 1st (New Kingdom, 13th century BC) when the group appears to be re-discovered by the theologians of Hermopolis for the purposes of a more elaborate creation account. Texts of the Late Period describe them as having the heads of frogs (male) and serpents (female)they are often depicted in this way in reliefs of the Ptolemaic period. Budge (1904) argues that the Ogdoad is the original “company of gods” represented by nine “axes” or “flagpoles” the hieroglyph sign for “god” arrived at by augmenting the original Ogdoad by the local chief deity of Heliopolis, Tem, by the authors of the theological system reflected in the Pyramid Texts. The eight deities were arranged in four male-female pairs (the female names being merely derivative female forms of the male names) as follows: Nu and Nut, Hehu and Hehut, Kekui and Kekuit, Qerh and Qerhet. Please watch the video for more information on the Egyptian mythology gods and the Ogdoad here at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY on Youtube.

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