Book of Enoch – Epistle of Enoch – The Final Judgement

Book of Enoch and The Epistle of Enoch. Fallen Angels, Giants and The Final Judgment. Some scholars propose a date for the Book of Enoch somewhere between the 170 BC and the 1st century BC. This section can be seen as being made up of five subsections, mixed by the final redactor: Apocalypse of Weeks this subsection, usually dated to the first half of the 2nd century BC, narrates the history of the world using a structure of ten periods, said “weeks” of which seven regard the past, and three regard future events (the final judgment) The climax is in the seventh part of the tenth week where “new heaven shall appear” and “there will be many weeks without number for ever, and all shall be in goodness and righteousness”. Exhortation this short list of exhortations to follow righteousness, said by Enoch to his son Methuselah, looks to be a bridge to next subsection. Epistle the first part of the epistle describes the wisdom of the Lord, the final reward of the just and the punishment of the evil, and the two separate paths of righteousness and unrighteousness. Then there are six oracles against the sinners, the witness of the whole creation against them, and the assurance of the fate after death. According to, Boccaccini the epistle is composed of two layers: a “proto-epistle”, with a theology near the deterministic doctrine of the Qumran group, and a slightly later part it points out the personal responsibility of the individual, often describing the sinners as the wealthy and the just as the oppressed a theme found also in the Book of Parables. Birth of Noah, this part appears in Qumran fragments separated from the previous text by a blank line, thus appearing to be an appendix. It tells of the deluge and of Noah, who is born already with the appearance of an angel. This text probably derives, as do other small portions of 1 Enoch, from an originally separate book, but was arranged by the redactor as direct speech of Enoch himself. Please watch the video for more information on the Book of Enoch and visit the Channel to see Fallen Angels, Nephilim Giants, and many more gods from the world of mythology here at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube.

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