The Elioud Giants – Part-Angel Hybrid – Fallen Angels

The Elioud Giants: The Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees were carried on by groups including the religious community of Qumran that produced the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Elioud (also transliterated as, Eljo) are the antediluvian children of the Nephilim and are considered a part-angel hybrid race of their own. Like the Nephilim, the Elioud are exceptional in both ability and wickedness. The texts that use the term, Elioud, are non-canonical in modern Rabbinic Judaism, Western Christianity and Eastern Orthodox Christianity, but are considered canonical by Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and Beta Israel Jews, meaning certain Ethiopian Jews) The canonical Book of Genesis mentions Enoch, the putative source of this revelation about the Elioud, only in passing (as a long-lived ancestor of Noah) and while it notes that Nephilim had children, it does not assign a name to them. Another canonical Bible passage concerning a Giant at Gath and his children, is sometimes alleged to refer to the Elioud (who in that account have six fingers on each hand and each foot)although in context, these references to giants appear to refer instead to the Philistines. Early fathers of the Christian church, and the bodies that formed the modern Rabbinical Jewish canon, were aware of 1 Enoch and the Book of Jubilees in which these accounts were contained, but chose to omit these texts from the canon of Western Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism respectively. Less literal readings of Genesis 6:4 see the reference in that passage to the intermarriage of “sons of God” meaning the godly descendants of Seth or to people faithful to God generally, with “daughters of men” meaning the godless descendants of Cain, or to people who are not faithful to God generally. This less literal reading is the one adopted, in contrast to 1 Enoch and the Book of Jubilees, by the pseudepigraphic second part of the Book of Adam and Eve. Please watch the Video for more information on Enoch, the Elioud, Nephilim, Giants contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls among The Book of Jubilees, Book of Giants, book of Genisis and Enoch 1,2 and 3 here at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube.

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Júpiter_y_Tetis,_por_Dominique_Ingres-public domain-
Part_of_Dead_Sea_Scroll_28a_from_Qumran_Cave_1._The_Jordan_Museum,_Amman-cca by sa 4.0-vby-Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP(Glasg)
The_Hell_and_the_Flood_P1-public domain-
Zhdan_Dementiyev_01_Seth_(1630)-cca by sa 3.0-by- shakko-

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Youtube Channel – mythology explored by ancient mystery

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