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The Miraculous Births of Historical Figures, Alexander, the Ptolemies, and the Caesars were said by some scholars to have been “virgin-born” a mystical entry to this world. Alexander the Great, ” journeyed to the Oasis of Amon in order that he might be recognized as the god’s son and thus become a legitimate and recognized king of Egypt. Inscriptions show that he and the Ptolemies after him had the incidents of their birth regularly depicted in temple reliefs.” (As cited by Boslooper) Norden calls this the Hellenistic virgin motif. However, evidence shows that Alexander must have had a double tradition of origin. It is recorded that “Alexander the Great and Augustus are deemed to have been conceived of a mythical serpent god, and they claimed between them Phoebus and Jupiter as their progenitors.” Let us not forget that, Hermes was that Serpent god who also is said to have left knowledge for his descendants, who may be his future, Vessels. Emperor Augustus was praised as the Savior of the world [but] the idea of Savior was not unique or original with Augustus himself. Before him, the same title was given to, Seleucid, and other Hellenistic kings. Throughout this period there were frequent longings for a savior from the present troubles.” Augustus was said to have had a mythological miraculous birth and a childhood filled with many portents and mystical signs. A few months before he was born a portent was observed at Rome which gave warning that nature was pregnant with a king for the Roman People. There is so much more to see here at ancient mystery, Please join the community for more information on the many-faced gods and miraculous births from mythology and history which form many of the mythological ancient mysteries found here at Mythology Explored by Ancient Mystery.

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Pietro_da_Cortona_-_Battle_of_Alexander_versus_Darius_-_Google_Art_Project-public domain
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