Miraculous Births of the gods – Helios Dionysus and Athena – Greek mythology

The miraculous birth’s of the gods, Helios, Dionysus, and Athena from Greek mythology, were the gods reborn, resurrected or reincarnated? A deeper look into the Birth of the Greek gods by ancient mystery. Miraculous births of the gods are found in the myths and legends of many cultures and the mythology gods are found far and wide with a recurring theme of how the came into being. The Greco-Roman and Hellenistic literature are rich in the tradition of birth among the gods. In his Theogony, the Greek Hesiod tells a story that Zeus had once laid with the goddess, Metis, impregnating her, but, fearing that she might bear a child mightier than he himself, he swallowed her. Their daughter Athena was born fully grown from Zeus’s forehead, fully armed and clad in armor. Hesiod also relates that the goddess Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea after Ouranos’s castrated testicles were thrown into it. Helios was a child of Zeus by, Euryphaessa. Helios was also called “the son of Earth and starry Heaven” and the son of Hyperion. Dionysus was, dithyrambus, “he who entered life by a double door” Helios’ first birth took place prematurely. His mother, Semele, died when Zeus appeared to her in a flash of lightning, and so Zeus opened his own flesh and enclosed the infant. In time, Dionysus was born “perfect” from Zeus’ thigh. Dionysus, Zagreus was important in Orphic theology who also had a Miraculous Birth. Greek mythology has many accounts and Births of the gods and I have to say the myths and legends from all over this world are fascinating, but where did they originate? There seems to be an evolution of Characters which I am currently collecting on a huge scale, in hope of shedding some light on this mysterious situation. Please enjoy this Video if you are interested in more information on the Miraculous Births of the gods from Greek mythology at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube.


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Mythology Explored by Ancient Mystery – Youtube Channel

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