Birth of Horus – Miraculous Births of the gods – Egyptian mythology by Ancient Mystery

The conception of Horus is found at the beginning of Egyptian history. Horus’ conception and birth were understood in terms of the Egyptian doctrine of parthenogenesis, connected with the goddess Neith of Sais. Egyptian texts mention numerous forms of Horus. “Heru-sa Ast, sa-Asar and Horus among others. Horus is the son of Is-is, son of Osiris. In Egyptian myths and legends, his mother is described in the Hymn to Osiris, as finding and restoring the body of her dead husband and using magical words given her by Thoth to restore him to life. Then, by uniting with Osiris she conceives Horus. Horus is depicted as a falcon, or with a falcon’s head. Horus eventually avenged Osiris’ death and reclaimed the throne, ruling peacefully. Herakhty, or ‘Horus of the Horizon’, was a sun god who rose each morning on the eastern horizon. Horus was often identified with the sun god, Ra, and was eventually absorbed by him, forming, Ra-Herakhty in Egyptian mythology. Please watch the Video for more information regarding Horus and his miraculous Birth from Egyptian mythology at mythology explored by ancient mystery here on Youtube.

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Abydos_Tempelrelief_Sethos_I._36-cca by sa 3.0-by-Olaf Tausch- GNU free 1.2-
Chloreuptychia_herseis_MHNT_ventre-cca by sa 3.0-by-Didier Descouens-
MetternichStela-cca by sa 3.0-by-Eb.hoop –
P1070098_Louvre_statuette_de_Neith_E3730_rwk-GNU free 1.2-cca by sa 3.0-by-Mbzt-
RWS_Tarot_15_Devil-public domian-
Saqqarah_Ouserkaf_06-public domain-
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Horus-intro-by-ancient mystery

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“Send for the Horses” Kevin MacLeod (
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mythology explored by ancient mystery – Youtube Channel

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