Azazel – The Apocalypse of Abraham – Fallen Angel

Azazel and the Apocalypse of Abraham. Azazel, is described as an unclean bird who came down upon the sacrifice which Abraham prepared and is in reference to Genesis 15:11. An Angel who led the Watchers away from God, said to have been locked away in the furnace of Earth and condemnd to walk the undrodden paths, meaning the wilderness and is given heritage over those who are with him. Azazel is also identified with Satan and is called the Prince of the World by Jesus. Without a doubt Azazel is a Fallen Angel but most of all he was their leader. As you may know the Fallen Angels gave rise to many gods, Giants and other mythical creatures and they are found in myths and legends bound in the mythology of many nations. Please watch the video for more information on Azazel the Fallen Angel at mythology explored by ancient mystery.

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A_Rock_At_Orongo_Carved_With_Figures_Of_Bird-Men,_The_Mystery_of_Easter_Island,_published_1919-United States public domain tag-
Abraham_and_the_Three_Angels-public domain-
Fallen Angel-146169-cco-
Fallen Angel-2785146-cco-
Hokusai_tengu_2-United States public domain tag-
Irish_Elk_front-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free 1.2-by-Atirador-
Karasu-Tengu-Statue-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free 1.2-by-WolfgangMichel–cco-
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