Miraculous Births of the ancient gods – Sumerian mythology

Miraculous Births are conceptions by miraculous circumstances which feature intervention by gods Angels or other unknown supernatural entities. In this case, we look at the Anunnaki and other gods from ancient Mesopotamia. In the Assyrian and Babylonian concept of origins, they expressed procreation first in “relationships between gods and goddesses resulting in other gods and goddesses” i.e Ea and Damkina assisted by Apsu giving birth to Marduk. Another interesting figure is Ea, Ia, or Oannes, he was the primal god of Babylon. He was a ‘Great God, Maker of Men, Potter, Artist and Workman’ He formed a Triad with Anu and Bil. He was believed to have been “reincarnated” several times. Berossos, priest of the Temple of Bel, in Babylon, knew of as many as six such reincarnations. Miraculous Births may also be on par with reincarnation, of which the gods were said to partake. “Only from he can another like he be born” is a phrase used in many myths and legends referring to the gods, mainly the dark ancient one found in mythology around the world. Please watch the video for more information on the Miraculous Births of the gods at mythology explored by ancient mystery, the youtube channel.

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mythology explored by ancient mystery – youtube channel

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