Fallen Angel – Azazel – Leader of the Rebellious Watcher Angels

The Fallen Angel Azazel is associated with scapegoat rite from the Bible, the term is used three times in the book of Leviticus 16. Azazel appears to be a Fallen Angel, one of the sons of God who lives in the wilderness. Azazel is in the Book of Giants, along with the Enochic fragments found a Qumran. Azazel is also in the Dead Sea scrolls. In the Book of Enoch, we find that Azazel is in connection with the Fallen Angels who gathered on Mount Hermon along with the ancient gods and demons of old. Azazel is the leader of the rebellious Watchers from the Antediluvian World, the ancient mystery. Please watch the video for more information on the Fallen Angels and Azazel from Christian mythology at mythology explored by ancient mystery.

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_The_Fallen_Angels__by_Albano_IMG_3886-cca by sa 3.0-by-Sculptor Albano-photo by Billy Hathorn-
Azazel_IMG_1758-cca by sa 3.0-by-deror_avi-
Bible.malmesbury.arp-public domain-
Falllen Angel-2197924-cco-
heaven gustave dore triumph of christianity_puvlic domain-
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Falllen Angel-3028947-cco-
Falllen Angel-2028657-cco-

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Kevin MacLeod (
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mythology explored by ancient mystery

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