Wands of the gods – Sorcery and Magic Wands – Various mythology and Culture

The Wands of the gods from various cultures and mythology is found far and wide but what was their source of power or magic, there is much we still do not understand about the world around us. The caduceus serpent-entwined staff is also found in the most ancient of cultures and mythologies from the ancient mystery of the Druids of Ireland, stemming from the legendary Tuatha De Danann and Fomorian Giants to ancient Greece and the Staff of Hermes which is interlaced within modern cultures all around the world. What was it’s used, what was its power? There are so many questions to be asked, and so much mythology to look through. Odin has his staff in Norse mythology. Similarly in Hindu Tantrism, dual serpents symbolize kundalini–the psycho-spiritual force awakened by the yogi at the base of the spine which rises up the spine and chakras leading to enlightenment. The Serpent symbolizes fertility, rebirth, and immortality and are associated with magic and shamanism worldwide. Egyptian magicians summoned the power of heka through the use of sacred words, images, and rituals. Deities such as Thoth, Is and is and Sekhmet were believed to be great magicians, but through the power of heka the human magician could coerce even the gods. Egyptian magical spells sometimes plead with or command a god to carry out the magician’s desires—even threatening them with punishment if their demands are not met. Please watch the Video for more information on the Magic Wands of the gods from various mythology around the world at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube.

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Shankill mural _ There are several different legends concern… _ Flickr-cca by 2.0-by-Jennifer Boyer-
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