The Red Haired Giants – Se-Te-Cah – Lovelock Cave

Si-Te-Cah are the red-haired Giants of Lovelock Cave. According to Paiute oral history, the Si-Te-Cah, Saiduka, or, Sai’i are a legendary tribe whose mummified remains were allegedly discovered under four feet of guano, by guano miners in what is now known as, Lovelock Cave in Lovelock, Nevada, United States. Although the cave had been mined since 1911, miners did not notify authorities until 1912. The miners destroyed many of the artifacts, but archaeologists were still able to retrieve 10,000 Paiute artifacts from the cave. Items included tule duck decoys, sandals, and baskets, several dating back over 2000 years. “Si-Te-Cah” literally means “tule-eaters” in the language of the Paiute Indians. Tule is a fibrous water plant. In order to escape harassment from the Paiutes, the Si-Te-Cahs were said to have lived on rafts made of tule on the lake. According to the Paiutes, the Si-Te-Cah were a red-haired band of cannibalistic giants. The Si-Te-Cah and the Paiutes were at war, and after a long struggle, a coalition of tribes trapped the remaining Si-Te-Cah in Lovelock Cave. When they refused to come out, the Indians piled brush before the cave mouth and set it aflame. The Si-Te-Cah were annihilated. or, so they thought. Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, daughter of Paiute Chief Winnemucca, wrote about what she described as “a tribe of barbarians” who ate her people in her book Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims – she wrote that “after my people had killed them all, the people round us called us Say-do-carah. It means conqueror; it also means “enemy”
“My people say that the tribe we exterminated had reddish hair”
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