Son of Anu – Teshub the Thunder god Giant – Anunnaki mythology

The Son of Anu, Teshub the Thunder god and Giant from Hittite Anunnaki mythology. Teshub the thunder god was the Hurrian god of sky and storm. Taru was the name of a similar Hattic Storm God, whose mythology and worship as a primary deity continued and evolved through descendant Luwian and Hittite cultures. In these two, Taru was known as Tarhun, Tarhunt, Tarhuwant, and Tarhunta, names derived from the Anatolian root *tarh “to defeat, conquer” Taru, Tarhun and Tarhunt was ultimately assimilated into and identified with the Hurrian Teshub around the time of the religious reforms of Muwatalli the 2nd ruler of the Hittite New Kingdom in the early 13th century BCE. These reforms can generally be categorized as an official incorporation of Hurrian deities into the Hittite pantheon, with a smaller number of important Hurrian gods (like Teshub) being explicitly identified with preexisting major Hittite deities (like Taru) Teshub reappears in the post-Hurrian cultural successor kingdom of Urartu as Tesheba one of their chief gods; in Urartian art he is depicted standing on a bull. Teshub is depicted holding a triple thunderbolt and a weapon, usually an axe (often double-headed) or mace. The sacred bull common throughout Anatolia was his signature animal, represented by his horned crown or by his steeds Seri and Hurri, who drew his chariot or carried him on their backs. The Hurrian myth of Teshub’s origin, he was conceived when the god Kumarbi bit off and swallowed his father Anu’s genitals, similarly to the Greek story of Uranus, Cronus, and Zeus, which is recounted in Hesiod’s Theogony. Teshub’s brothers are Aranzah (personification of the river Tigris) Ullikummi (stone giant) and Tashmishu. In the Hurrian schema, Teshub was paired with Hebat the mother goddess; in the Hittite, with the sun goddess Arinniti of Arinna a cultus of great antiquity which has similarities with the venerated bulls and mothers at Çatalhöyük in the Neolithic era. His son was called Sarruma, the mountain god. According to Hittite myths, one of Teshub’s greatest acts was the slaying of the dragon Illuyanka. Myths also exist of his conflict with the sea creature (possibly a snake or serpent) Hedammu.
The Anunnaki known as Anu or An “Sky, Heaven” is the personification of the sky, the utmost power in the universe, the Anunnaki Anu is the supreme Being or supreme God from Mesopotamian religion. Anu is identified with the north ecliptic pole centred in Draco. The name Anu means the “One on High”, and together with his sons Enlil and Enki, Anu forms a triune conception of the divine, in which An represents a “transcendental” obscurity, Enlil the “transcendent” and Enki the “immanent” aspect of the divine.

By the time of the earliest written records, worship was largely devoted to the son of Anu Enlil, the god of wind, air, earth, and storms. An’s primary role in myths is as the ancestor of the Anunnaki, the major deities of Sumerian religion. An was believed to be the supreme source of all authority, for the other gods and for all mortal rulers.
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ancient mystery – youtube – Teshub – Anu – Anunnaki mythology

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