Hecate – Triple goddess – Greek mythology

Hecate is a powerful goddess in ancient Greek religion and mythology, most often shown holding a pair of torches or a key in later periods depicted in triple form. Hecate was variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, light, magic, witchcraft knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy and sorcery. The ancient Hecate appears in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and in Hesiod’s Theogony, where she is promoted strongly as a great goddess. The place of origin of Hecate and her following is uncertain, but it is thought that Hecate had popular followings in Thrace. Hecate was one of the main deities worshiped in Athenian households as a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family. In the post-Christian writings of the Chaldean Oracles (2nd to 3rd century CE) she was regarded with (some) rulership over earth, sea, and sky, as well as a more universal role as Saviour (Soteira) Mother of Angels and the Cosmic World Soul. Regarding the nature of Hecate cult, it has been remarked, “Hecate is more at home on the fringes than in the center of Greek polytheism. Intrinsically ambivalent and polymorphous, Hecate straddles conventional boundaries and eludes definition.” The etymology of the name Hecate is not known. The ancient mystery continues. Some suggestions derive the name from a Greek root: “willing” (thus, “she who works her will” or similar) or Hekatos an obscure epithet of Apollo, interpreted as “the far reaching one” or “the far-darter” whence for the feminine form “she that operates from afar” or “she that removes or drives off”.


Greek mythology is the ancient mystery which contains the body of myths and teachings that belong to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world. The ancient Greek mythology has had an extensive influence on the culture, arts, and literature of Western civilization and remains part of Western heritage and language. Greek mythology is explicitly embodied in a large collection of narratives, and implicitly in Greek representational arts, such as ancient vase-paintings and votive gifts. Greek mythology attempts to explain the origins of the world, and details the lives and adventures of a wide variety of ancient gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines and the ancient mystery of mythological creatures. These accounts initially were disseminated in an oral-poetic tradition; today Greek mythology is known primarily from ancient Greek literature. The oldest known Greek literary sources, Homer’s epic poems Iliad and Odyssey. Greek mythology is known today primarily from Greek literature and representations on visual media dating from the Geometric period from c. 900–800 BC onward.
Please watch video for more information on the goddess from Greek mythology known by the name Hecate at ancient mystery here on youtube.


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ancient mystery – youtube – Hecate – Greek mythology

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