The Mother goddess – Erecura – Celtic goddess in Roman Mythology

The Mother Goddess Erecura or Aerecura also found as Herecura or Eracura was a goddess worshipped in ancient times often thought to be Celtic in origin mostly represented with the attributes of Proserpina and associated with the Roman underworld god Dis Pater She appears with Dis Pater in a statue found at Oberseebach, Switzerland, and in several mysterious magical texts from Austria, Erecura was once in the company of Cerberus and once probably with Ogmios. A further inscription to her has been found near Stuttgart, Germany. Besides Erecura’s chthonic symbols, she is often depicted with such attributes of fertility as the cornucopia and apple baskets. She is depicted in a seated posture, wearing a full robe and bearing trays or baskets of fruit, in depictions from Cannstatt and Sulzbach. Miranda Green calls Aericura a “Gaulish Hecuba” while Noémie Beck, characterizes her as a “land-goddess” sharing both underworld and fertility aspects with Dis Pater. The theonym is of unclear origin. It has been connected with Latin, aes, aeris ‘copper, bronze, money, wealth’, era ‘mistress’ and the name of the Greek goddess Hera. Many different Latinised forms of this goddess’s name occur:
Aeraecura at Perugia
Aerecura at Mainz, Xanten
Aquileia and Roşia Montană
Aericura at Sulzbach, Malsch
Eracura in Mautern, Austria
Ercura at Fliehburg
Erecura at Cannstatt
Tongeren and Belley in Aube
Heracura at Stockstadt am Rhein
Herecura at Cannstatt
Freinsheim and Rottenburg am Neckar, where the form Herequra is also found. watch video for more from ancient mystery on youtube.

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561px-Mercury_(deity)_relief-cc0-by-Ad Meskens-
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800px-Epona_Salonica601_ArchMus-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free 1.2-by-QuartierLatin1968-
800px-Pfarrkirchen_-_Deckenfresco_-_Lauretanische_Litanei_-_Engel_mit_Füllhorn-cca by sa 3.0-by-Wolfgang Sauber-
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1024px-WLANL_-_mystic_mabel_-_Voltarief_van_de_Godin_Nehalennia_150-250_na_Chr-cca by 2.0-
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Loreley_mit_tal_von_linker_rheinseite-cca by sa 3.0-by-Felix Koenig-
Norse mythology-Goddess Idun-golden apples-cco-
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Ancient Mystery/Youtube

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