Hermanubis The Merge

Hermanubis is a merge of two gods, the a combination of Hermes (Greek mythology) with Anubis from (Egyptian mythology). He is the son of Set and Nephthys. Hermes’ and Anubis’s similar responsibilities (they were both conductors of souls) Pscychopomps led to the god Hermanubis a deep ancient mystery. He was popular during the period of Roman domination over Egypt. Depicted as having a human body and jackal head, with the sacred caduceus that belonged to the ancient mystery the Greek god Hermes, he represented the Egyptian priesthood, engaged in the investigation of truth.

The divine name Ἑρμανοῦβις is known from a handful of epigraphic and literary sources, mostly of the ancient Roman period. Plutarch cites the name as a designation of Anubis in his underworldly aspect, while Porphyry refers to Hermanubis as σύνθετος “composite” and μιξέλλην “half-Greek” the ancient mystery continues.

Photo Credits:

272px-Statue_Hermes_Chiaramonti-public domain-
431px-VaticanMuseums_Egyptian_God_Statue-cca by sa 3.0-GNU fre 1.2-by-F. Bucher-
1024px-Ägyptischer_Maler_um_1355_v._Chr._001-public domain-
Group_of_Aphrodite,_Pan_and_Eros._About_100BC_(3471610166)-cca by sa 2.0-by-Tilemahos Efthimiadis-
Paintings_from_the_tomb_of_Petosiris_at_Muzawaka_(XLI)_(4546290892)-cca by 2.0-Institute for the Study of the Ancient World-
Statua_del_dio_anubi,_da_villa_pamphili_ad_anzio,_I-II_sec_02-cca by sa 3.0-by-Sailko-

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Kai_Engel_-_04_-_Imminence-cca by sa 4.0-

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