The Giant Zipcana: Ispiration Behind The Predator Movie

The Giant Zipacna was the influence behind the Predator Movie taken from Maya Mythology. He and his brother, were often considered demons. Zipacna, like his relatives, was said to be very arrogant and violent. Zipacna was characterized as a large caiman and often boasted about creating mountains. The Popol Vuh tells the story that one day Zipacna was basking on the beach when he was disturbed by the Four Hundred Boys (possibly patron deities of alcohol), who were attempting to construct a hut. They had felled a large tree to use as the central supporting log, but were unable to lift it. Zipacna, being immensely strong, offered to carry the log for them, which he did. Although most translations of the Popol Vuh would seem to indicate this was done as a gesture of goodwill it is generally agreed that Zipacna did so in a spirit of arrogance, mocking the boys for their inability to do so.The Four Hundred Boys decided it was not good that one man had such strength, and that Zipacna should be killed, watch video for more ancient mystery.

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End of the First Age, as pictured in the Vatican A Codex. Esotericism of the Popol Vuh


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Ancient Mystery/Youtube

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