Watchers and Giants: Book of Enoch

Watchers and the Giants,The Book of Enoch. “Go speak to the Watchers of Heaven, who have sent you to intercede for them. Tell them, You should intercede for men, and not men for you. Why did you leave lofty holy. Heaven to sleep with women, to defile yourselves with the daughters of men and take them as your wives, and like the children of the earth to beget sons, in your case giants?
Though you were holy and spiritual, living the eternal life, you defiled yourself with the blood of women, you begot children with the blood of flesh, and like the others you have lusted after flesh and blood as do those who die and perish,watch video for more ancient mystery.


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464px-Foster_Bible_Pictures_0073-1_Offering_Up_a_Burnt_Sacrifice_to_God-public domain-
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573px-Titian_-_David_and_Goliath_-_WGA22779-United States public domain tag-
800px-Fuente_del_Ángel_Caído_(Retiro,_Madrid)_03-cca by sa 2.0-by-Felipe Gabaldón-
800px-Giovanni_Lanfranco_Norandino_and_Lucina_Discovered_by_the_Ogre-public domain-
800px-St._Uriel-_St_John’s_Church,_Boreham-public domain-
1024px-Francesco_Botticini_-_The_Assumption_of_the_Virgin-public domain-
Abraham_Danielsz._Hondius_-_Mercury_and_Argos_-_WGA11644-public domain-
Blake_-_angel_of_revelation-United States public domain tag-
da11e8ff87895a8f2b515c14b6958a3b–peter-paul-rubens-argo-public domain-
Enoch And The Watchers The Real Story Of Angels And Demons-public domain-
interior_ovid_metamorphoses_mercury_killing_argus-publi domain-
jordaens-mercure_orig-public domain-
Mercury_Killing_Argus_LACMA_M.71.76.19-united states public domain tag-
Stefan_Lochner_-_Last_Judgement_-_circa_1435-public domain-
Tissot_Noah’s_Sacrifice-United States public domain tag-

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Kevin MacLeod (
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Sacred Texts

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