Fallen Angels: Blue Men Of Minch

The blue men of the Minch also known as storm kelpies or in Scottish Gaelic as “na fir ghorma” “fear gorm” or “sruth nam fear gorm” they are mythological creatures inhabiting the stretch of water between the northern Outer Hebrides and mainland Scotland, looking for sailors to drown and stricken boats to sink. They appear to be localised to the Minch and surrounding areas, unknown in other parts of Scotland and without counterparts in the rest of the world. Apart from their blue colour, the mythical creatures look much like humans, and are about the same size. They have the power to create storms, but when the weather is fine they float sleeping on or just below the surface of the water.
The blue men swim with their torsos raised out of the sea, twisting and diving as porpoises do. They are able to speak, and when a group approaches a ship its chief may shout two lines of poetry to the master of the vessel and challenge him to complete the verse.
If the skipper fails in that task then the blue men will attempt to overturn the ship and capsize it.

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800px-Blue_Man_Group-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free-by-Stefan-Xp-
800px-Hebridesmap-cca by sa 3.0-by-Kelisi-
800px-Serpent_stone-cca by sa 30-by-Catfish Jim and the soapdish-
800px-Wfm_lewis_landsat-public domain-
721525_51f9909f-Gannets over Stac an Armin-cca by sa 2.0-by-Des Colhoun-
1379939_d4010325-By Stac an Armin-cca by sa 2.0-by-Mary and Angus Hogg-
2556417_ade1c131-Stac an Armin, Boreray, St Kilda, from the south-east-cca by sa 2.0-by-Mike Pennington-
atlantis-public domain-
Cave_on_Garbh_Eilean, by sa 2.0-by-Tony Kinghorn-
sea-serpents-and-water-dragons-pubpic domain-
Shiant Isle-public domain-
The Fomorians, Duncan 1912 – Fomorians – Wikipedia-public domain-
The_Corryvreckan_Whirlpool_-_geograph-2404815-by-Walter-Baxter-cca by sa 2.0-by-Walter Baxter-


“Lost Time” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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