The Giants Are Real: Giants Of The British Isles

There is scarcely a pile of rocks around our western shore of the British Isles upon which the giants have not left their impress the giants are real. The priests, however, in the season of their rule, strove to obliterate the memories of those great pagans. They converted the footprint at Tolcarne, and similar indentations elsewhere into the mark of the devil’s hoof, when he stamped in rage at the escape of a sinner, The metamorphosis of ancient giants into modern devils is a curious feature in our inquiry. At Lemorna we have the Giant’s Cave. On Gulval Cairn we find also the giant’s mark, which the magic of Sir H. Davy’s science could not dispel. On Carn Brea are no end of evidences of these Titans, the Giant’s Hand rivalling in size any of the monstrous monuments of the Egyptian gods. Thus, in nearly every part of the country where granite rocks prevail, the monuments of the giants may be found Why do the giants show such a preference for granite?

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