Celtic Titans Of Danmonium

The Celtic Titans of Danmonium, It appears that the Idea of Giants was not just widely accepted in the past not just from the commoner but from those who had access to higher knowledge. To seize on another authority, who appears to connect the Oriental with the British crom-lech, and through those the people whose remains they cover we will quote Doctor E D Clarke, who describes a Cyclopean structure visited by him near Kiel consisting of three upright stones, supporting horizontally an enormous slab of granite. After mentioning several cromlechs of a similar character, and other “stupendous vestiges of Cyclopean architecture,” he says” There is nothing Gothic about them nothing denoting the Cimbri or the Franks, or the old Saxons but rather the ancient Gaulish, the ancient British, and the ancient irish, and if this be admitted they were Titan-Celts, watch video for more ancient mystery.

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Ancient Mystery/Youtube

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