Reincarnation: The Barddas

Reincarnation according to the Barddas in Celtic scheme of evolution the Otherworld with all its gods, fairies, and invisible beings and this world with all its visible beings, form the two poles of life or conscious existence. Let us begin with purely philosophical conceptions in reincarnation, going first to the Welsh Barddas where it is said ‘There are three circles of existence: the circle of Ceugant (the circle of Infinity), where there is neither animate nor inanimate save God, and God only can traverse it the circle of Abred (the circle of Re-birth), where the dead is stronger than the living, and where every principal existence is derived from the dead, and man has traversed it and the circle of Gwynvyd (the circle of the white, i. e. the circle of Perfection) where the living is stronger than the dead, and where every principal existence is derived from the living and life, that is, from God, and man shall traverse it nor will man attain to perfect knowledge, until he shall have fully traversed the circle of Gwynvyd for no absolute knowledge can be obtained but by the experience of the senses, from having borne and suffered every condition and incident’ watch video for more Ancient Mystery.

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Ancient Mystery/Youtube

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