The Giants Of Danmonium

The Land’s End district was “anciently the chosen land of the giants” that it was “beyond all other the favourite abode and the land of the English giants.” Peculiarly fitted for the inquiry as Mr Halliwell is, by his life-long studies, it is to be regretted that he spent so brief a period amidst “what still remains of these memorials of a Titan race.” Who were the giants? Whence came they? Watch video for more Ancient Mystery

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363px-Thor’s_hammer,_Skåne.svg- United States public domain tag-
490px-Types_of_-Indian_Dwarfism–_giants_and_dwarfs,_ascending_line_Wellcome_L0034938-BY-WELCOME IMAGES-cca by sa 4.0-
038218_0f3b239d-cca by sa 2.0-by-yony-atkin-
1441439_c372f1cc-cca by sa 2.0-by-amanda-king
1896706_429aadd5-Trethevy Quoit 1935-cca by sa 2.0-by-rev-E-V-Tanner-
1899553_9b375213-King Doniert’s Stone 1935-cca by sa 2.0-by-Rev-E-V-Tanner-
2100031_dd445436-Trethevy Quoit, St Cleer, Cornwall-cca by sa 2.0-by-derek-voller-
2296687_476ba04b-cca by sa 2.0-by-Gordon-spicer-
2506126_f80d2649-Sharptor near Wardbrook Farm ,Cornwall-cca by sa 2.0-by-eric foster-
2518603_6b73b4f2-cca by sa 2.0-by-eric-foster-
3808491_3dc88f59-cca by sa 2.0-by-richard-law-
3808502_f84431db-ballowall-barrow-cca by sa 2.0-by-richard-law-
4660375_a56bd5bc-Burial chamber, Coldrum long barrow, Trottiscliffe-cca by sa 2.0-by-humphery-bolton-


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Ancient Mystery/youtube

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