The Giant Of The Mount: Cormoran

THE history of the redoubtable Jack proves that St Michael’s Mount was the abode of the giant Cormelian, or, as the name is sometimes given, Cormoran. We are told how Jack destroyed the giant, and the story ends. Now, the interesting part, which has been forgotten in the narrative, is not only that Cormoran lived on, but that he built the Mount, his dwelling-place. St Michael’s Mount, as is tolerably well known, is an island at each rise of the tide the distance between it and the mainland being a little more than a quarter of a mile. In the days of the giants, however, it was some six miles from the sea, and was known as the White Rock in the wood, or in Cornish “Carreg luz en kuz.” Of the evidences in favour of this, more will be said when the traditions connected with physical phenomena are dealt with. In this wood the giant desired to build his home, and to rear it above the trees, that he might from the top keep watch over the neighbouring country watch video for more ancient mystery.

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758px-View_of_the_Granite_Temple,_the_Sphinx,_and_the_Great_Pyramid_of_Gîzeh._(1885)_-_TIMEA-cca by sa 2.5-by-unknown-
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Chapbook_Jack_the_Giant_Killer-public domain-
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Cormoran-public domain-
James_Webb_St_Michael’s_Mount-public domain-
St_Michael’s_Mount_II5302_x_2982-CCA by sa 3.0-by-Fuzzypiggy-
-the-giants-hugh-obrian-public domain-
View_of_the_Granite_Temple,_the_Sphinx,_and_the_Great_Pyramid_of_Gîzeh._(1885)_-_TIMEA-united states public domain tag-


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