The Fachen Giant

The fachan or fachin is a monster or giant described by John Francis Campbell in Popular Tales of the West Highlands as having a single eye in the middle of its face now this next part, many people would find absurd but if we look at the Canaanites they were also depicted this way, as disfigured giants, we also have the nearby tale of the disfigured Fomorians settling in Ireland. It’s either genetic or inflicted via some sort of ancient nuclear disaster and the evil winds that followed. The fachen had a single hand protruding from its chest instead of arms, and a single leg emerging from its central axis. It has a single tuft of hair on the top of its head, regarding which Campbell says “it were easier to take a mountain from the root than to bend that tuft.” He draws attention to the possible influence of creatures from Arabic tradition such as the Nesnas or Shikk, described as “half of a human being” and hopping about on one leg with great agility watch video for more Ancient Mystery.

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Ancient Mystery/Youtube only

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