Thoth: The Darkness

Thoth was Lord of Rebirth “Thou hast given life in the Land of the Living; Thou hast made them live in the Region of Flames; Thou hast given respect of thy counsels in the breasts and in the hearts of men—mortals, intelligences, creatures of light.” The Land of the Living was the Invisible World, a glorious Land of Light and Life for the seers of ancient Egypt. Mortals, Intelligences, Creatures of Light, were, says Pietschmann, the “three grades of the Egyptian mysteries.” These grades were, one may assume from our treatises: Mortals—probationary pupils who were instructed in the doctrine, but who had not yet realised the inner vision; Intelligences—those who had done so and had become “men,”that is to say who had received the “Mind”; Beings (or Sons) of Light—those who had become one with the Light, that is to say those who had reached the nirvāṇic consciousness watch video for more Ancient Mystery.

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Ancient Mystery/Youtube

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