Serpent Symbol: Patagonia

Serpent Symbol, Patagonia is an image of an engraved stone, found in Chubut, which is attributed either to Phoenicians navigators who somehow reached the region or to Celtic mariners who landed in Patagoina, or, an imitation crafted by local Tehuelche natives, who based their art on originals that the new arrivals (either Kelts or Phoenicians) showed them.
In the ancient Middle East, in Babylon, two intertwined snakes were the symbolic representation of healing, wisdom, and fertility. From its place of origin in Mesopotamia which is debatable, it migrated west, reaching the Mediterranean, where it was adopted by the Phoenicians. It is of the Phoenician Deified Serpent, or Serpent of Fire.
In turn, besides adopting the Phoenician alphabet, The Greeks also took this god from the Phoenician pantheon, as their own god Asclepius or Asklepios…watch video for more…Ancient Mystery.


Photo Credits:

-Apep_Public domain-
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-Statue_Hermes_Chiaramonti-Public domain-
-Tabnit_sarcophagus-CCa by SA 3.0 unported-oncenawhile-

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Ancient Mystery.

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