Abraxas The god, Aeon and Demon


As a god, Epiphanius appears to follow partly Irenaeus, partly the lost Compendium of Hippolytus. He designates Abraxas more distinctly as “the power above all, and First Principle,” “the cause and first archetype” of all things, and mentions that the Basilidians referred to 365 as the number of parts in the human body, as well as of days in the year. That ‘Abraxas’ gave birth to Mind (nous), the first in the series of primary powers enumerated likewise by Irenaeus and Epiphanius; that the world, as well as the 365 heavens, was created in honour of ‘Abraxas;’ and that Christ was sent not by the Maker of the world but by ‘Abraxas.’ Nothing can be built on the vague allusions of Jerome, according to whom ‘Abraxas’ meant for Basilides “the greatest God” “the highest God” “the Almighty God”and “the Lord the Creator”…Watch video for more…Ancient Mystery.


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Epiphanius-Kosovo-United States public domain tag-
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Statue_of_Sveta_Sofia-CCA by SA 3.0 unported-GNU free 1.2-by-Railroadwiki-


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Ancient Mystery.

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