Nephilim Giants: Krasnordar Russia

Nephilim Giant’s Krasnordar/Russia:
The discovery of ancient human skeletons in Russia in a Bronze-age burial site containing four bodies, each purportedly eight-feet in length, similar bodies were supposedly found, possibly of even larger stature at the same location:
Russian archaeologists found the skeletal remains of old “giants,” in the Krasnodar region (northern Caucasus) said an employee of the Archaeological Society in the region, Vasili Matáyev.
As Matáyev stated, the findings have more than 4,000 years. During the excavation of an ancient burial mound belonging to the Bronze Age discovered the skeletal remains of about four people, two men and two women… video for more…Ancient Mystery…

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CCO search for hidden knowledge
CCO universe
Krasnodar region public domain
road-sign-63983_960_720 CCO
Scythian_Gold_Artifact_Public domain
truth1-166853_960_720 CCO
Перевал_Аишхо_CCa by SA 4.0 Илья Бунин
Перевал_Аишхо1_CCa by SA 4.0

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Ancient Mystery.

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