The Nephilim: Catalina Island

Nephilim of Catalina Island: In 1915-1916, Glidden spent four months digging up graves and collecting artifacts on San Nicolas Island, along with Arthur B. Chappell and Arthur Taschenberger. He also collected on San Miguel and San Nicolas islands. Glidden dug up hundreds of graves and obtained thousands of objects, many of which went to additional prestigious museums. Artifacts included bone flutes, war clubs and arrowheads, cooking stones used to boil soup in baskets and beads that were used as currency.

Encouraged by his collecting success, Glidden assembled a huge personal collection of artifacts and skeletal materials with which he began his own Indian museum at his home in Avalon in 1922. The museum incorporated Native American bones as architectural elements, including windows edged with finger and toe bones, leg and arm bones as shelf brackets and ceiling panels decorated with vertebra and shoulder blades. In the 1930s admission was 35 cents.

There are thousands of these cases if not more which include: Nephilim skeletons, nephilim bones, nephilim tools, nephilim sizes vary from 8 feet to 35 feet, the fallen angels have been found and are being covered up. For more of these (nephilim documentary’s) (aliens) and the (supernatural) subscribe to (Ancient Mystery) 2017. Conspiracy. cover-ups. the.Ancient.Mystery


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Ancient Mystery.

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