The Giant Scythian Tribe


The Scythian/Kurgan Empire: The Scyth Nephilim Warrior’s: The Scythians from Greek also known as the Scyth, Saka, Sai, Iskuzai, or Askuzai, were a large group of Iranian Eurasian nomads who were mentioned by nearby literate peoples as inhabiting large areas in the central Eurasian steppes from about the 9th century BC until about the 1st century BC.

There is also another different story, now to be related. It is that the wandering Scythians once dwelt in Asia, and there warred with the Massagetae, but with ill success, they therefore abandoned their homes, crossed the Araxes, and entered the land of Cimmeria.
This was no roaming tribe, It was a military campaign as they assimilated everything in their path and they did not simply dissapear as every culture they assimilated were kept the same to keep the population in control, but the underlining fact is the Scythian point of worship was installed. “They were not a specific people”, but rather variety of peoples “referred to at variety of times in history, and in several places, none of which was their original homeland.”
The New Testament includes a single reference to Scythians in Colossians 3 11, immediately after mentioning barbarians, possibly as an extreme example of a barbarian’s. I prefer Kurgan’s as most modern people can relate to this term…watch video for more…Ancient Mystery…

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Ancient Mystery.



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