Illuminati: Destroyed the ancient cultures

Illuminati: destroyed just about every culture on this planet with a growing population and Internet finding the truth will soon be like the needle in the haystack, my goal is to put a powerful magnet above the stack and free the needle with ease. Know the past, see the present which is a gift to humanity. The New world order happened thousands of years ago 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 they just update the system. Watch video for more…Ancient Mystery

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world health day abstract background with symbol and syringe CCO

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When i started looking in this region i intended to find Thoth, but i hit a dead end as the gods with his description were many, I did not allow that to happen obviously and as though it was slapped in my face i found the reason his characteristics were found in multiple gods, “whats the reason i hear you ask?” Well if you have seen my previous video’s i had a thought that maybe Thoth started Christianity to install a belief system in which he himself was a god and now i find that it was Christianity that almost put me off the scent. Book burning, witch burning, manipulation of religions, all of which can only lead to two reasons for doing such dispicable acts…..destroying knowledge and covering up the truth. I will list the names of this beast so far and the commonalities the “legion” share at the end as a conclusion to my research within this region.
Veles’s god of magic and musicians
Veles managed to hold so many versatile attributes in ancient Slavic mythology and was not split into more characters until the arrival of Christianity, it is the same in other Indo-European mythologies, similar gods were also schematically divided into several different deities.



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