Shiva Is Indo-European

Shiva The Destroyer or is it?
Shiva is the supreme god within Shavism or so you were led to believe, this was but one of his achievements. I have take a few lines from a quote said to be from Shiva herself which relate to my research and are as follows:
Gatherer up of treasures
Most thoughtful
first to merit worship
gods have established me in many places
through me alone, all eat the food that feeds them
I reside in the essence of the universe
i make the man i love exceedingly mighty
Slay the hater of devotion with a bow
I rouse and order battle for the people and reside as their inner controller
From this I see a hoarder of wealth, wisdom, a fake god who was “given” a place amongst the gods, mon bloody santo, an un-created spirit, nephilim through genetics, the sumerian bowman and an absolute control freak “hell” bent on world domination.
At the highest level Shiva is regarded as formless, the transformer, limitless, transcendent and an unchanging absolute. Also regarded as the patron of Yoga, meditation, music and arts. The same as Thoth.
Shiva related tradition is found all over India, Napal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia but it’s historical roots are unclear and contested.
The Bhimbetka rock shelters from pre 10,000 BCE show Shiva dancing, shiva’s trident and his home Mt Nandi.
A seal discovered in the Ingus Valley has drawn attention as an early representation of Shiva surrounded by animals and the figure is described as having three faces, seated in the Yoga position with two semi-circle shapes on it’s head resembling the horns of a bull. This seal is not acknowledged by modern Shavism, I wonder why?
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