Nephilim King Og of Bashan: Syria

Nephilim King Og of Bashan: Syria

“For Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of the giants; his bedstead was… nine cubits the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it… Bashan, which was called ancient the land of giants” the mystery (Deut. 3:10-13). So says Moses, writing 3,500 years ago. The ancient territory of Bashan now lies in southern Syria; it is dangerous Bedouin country.

The Bible says that the conquest of Bashan by the Israelites began with Moses and was completed by Jair. In Argob, one of its little provinces, Jair took no less than sixty great cities, “fenced with high walls, gates and bars; besides unwalled towns a great many” (Deut. 3:4,5,14).

Such a statement seems all but incredible. How could a province measuring not more than 30 by 20 miles (50 by 32 kilometers) support such a number of fortified cities, especially when the greater part of it was a wilderness of rock?

But, mysterious and incredible as this seems, the cities built and occupied 4,000 years ago by these giants exist even yet.

Nineteenth century explorer, Josiah Porter, traversed their empty streets; he opened doors of their houses; he slept peacefully in their long-deserted halls.

From a tower in one of them, Salcah, Porter counted some 30 towns and villages dotting the surface of the plain. He reports: “On the spot, with my own eyes, I have seen that it is literally true. The cities are there to this day. Some of them retain the ancient names recorded in the Bible.” (Porter, The Giant Cities of Bashan) video for more…Ancient Mystery.

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Ancient Mystery.

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