Loki the Anunnaki


Loki of Asgard 

or so you were led to believe…..


Norse Mythology
Before Loki it is said that even the gods were at peace, his appearance brought tension to the gods as Loki was the god of mischief and he deliberately started trouble with both god and man the greatest of which is killing the Norse god of joy, Odin’s favorite. The punishment for that crime against the gods was being chained to a rock as a great serpent dripped its venom over his face until the time of Ragnarök when he is said to break free and join with the fire gods and ice giants or the demons and his Nephilim as i see it
I’ll get to the obvious link between:
and now Loki
In this prophecy Thor will meet the midguard serpent, a serpent he has continually battled with and said to be so large it will encircle the Earth, this i believe is Satanism, I do not assume and I do think we take ancient writings too literal as they were wrote or passed down in a time very different from our own and as such our mind set and linguistic skills will also differ greatly
so what we need is to dismiss our modern thought process and approach any ancient subject with an open mind to the way things were and not how we imagine it to have been,
what i mean is a more natural approach to their belief’s and and understanding that they described things differently altogether. It is probable that this entity pretended to be other gods like Odin and in the process creating a great insult by making his image in their names as they seem to attributed some of Loki’s lesser qualities it is the same with Hermes the Greek god, Zeus and Apollo for example:
Odin has approximately 20 names and one eye,
Zeus can shape shift  has an extreme temper and has sexual prelesque,
Hiemdal is or has one of his main roles as gate keeper
and Apollo was mainly a kind God but at times he was insanely jealous and down right brutal which could have been Hermes/Thoth trying to stir up trouble for the gods
there is reason for him doing this as these gods were against crossing the boundaries of Gods and Mortal Men it was said to infuriated them and that by essence is exactly what Thoth’s existence had become,all of these gods had a vast number of names.
Loki or Thoth’s
Many names and his many roles…..Legion,
We commonly think of possessed demonic spirits but it may be multiples of himself
maybe clones as he was cloning hybrids back as seen in the Sumerian tablets and beyond
a master of alchemy,
a shapeshifter
a uncreated spirit
the rider of the pale white horse
in many cultures he visited the same display was installed into the Empires which was four white pale horses pulling an empty chariot, this i believe was representing his influence the true ruler of the Empire….Thoth/Satan
The commonalities between Loki and Thoth so far are:
Apposing to good and righteousness
extremely handsome
Strive to overcome the gods and what they stood for.
genetics as he is said to have created 8 legged horse to please Odin
Impregnating ,inseminating and  indulging in Nephilim, women, men, beasts and even children.
extreme shape shifting the ability to change sex size and shape completely,
Often seen with a beard and killed the god of joy Odin’s favorite son  who could be seen as a Jesus like figure as i believe this is the same tale in a different accent or it’s becoming more likely to be a repeated method in an alternate time line which is suggesting it’s part of a much larger plan altogether….”and the serpent will encircle the Earth”a plan that is making steady ground on a day to day basis and now with the Internet he has no need to slither round the world to influence man, he is now viral a Satan Skynet if you will. This is an excellent indication that i’m on the right path as I’ve said his form and name are slightly different in every culture but his characteristics and deeds are almost identical and as i am approaching this with a detective method i am not aloud to believe this is a mere consistent coincidence. So here we have over dozens of commonalities between Thoth and his role in the Norse culture as seen in the Celtic, Greek, Persian, Egyptian and Sumerian worlds which is now a tale spanning thousands of years if not longer.

The names of the beast increase,
to be continued….

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